Time for a Makeover!

Hello again!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. After our release of the gameplay video we have spent some time getting feedback and trying to understand what the community thinks to our game. There are two things that have become clear:

1. The graphics could do with being better.
2. We need a video to explain the story and/or at least the world that people will find themselves in.

We are very thankful for any and all feedback we receive and we are definitely listening. Therefore to show this, we are updating ALL of the models and textures in the game to increase the quality of the graphics and we are producing a short introduction video to give you a feel of the world you are (hopefully) going to enter, shape and love.

The roads and the weapons have been updated already and we are on with the cover objects, main characters and the buildings.

We have also updated the cover system!

As you know, Battle For Enkeon is the first TBS to not utilise the grid based system – the reason for this is it allows more options for gameplay – such as LAND MINES! This however does bring it’s own challenges, for example, how to program the cover system without a grid. At first we decided to implement ‘cover posts’ which were placed down by the programmers and told the characters and AI where they could take cover, what type of cover it was and where and when to play the animation. The issue with this is it is very time consuming when creating maps and it is also more limiting to the player – which we certainly don’t want.

Bearing this in mind we have re-written the entire foundational code so that there is no need for these cover posts. Now you can click anywhere and using line tracers the programming will find out all the relevant information needed in real time. This speeds up the creation of the maps as well as freeing the player to choose anywhere with no clashes.

We will be posting some images of our updated graphics via social media, our newsletter and our site soon, so please stay tuned to the developments at SWS Ltd.

Thank you for reading and supporting. Any feedback is always appreciated.

The Storm Wolf Studios Team.