The curtains may be closed, but there is a lot going on backstage!

We’re alive!

So after 3 weeks of nothing but the sound of silence, we again emerge from the deep dark depths of our lair in order to update you all!

These last 3 weeks have been so busy, we haven’t managed to get around to updating you. There has been loads more concept work done, we will post some of it with this blog entry for you to see. There has also been all the animations completed and we are nearly ready to release a full gameplay video.

All the cover objects for the level we have decided to showcase have been created, textured and placed in the level.

The most exiting thing is the fact that we now have all of the User Interface placed into the game. This has been expertly designed and seeing it finally make it’s way into the game is simply great!

It hasn’t all been success and achievement over the last 3 weeks though. We have had problems with objects clashing. At one point the character models were even colliding with their own weapons! This made their movement awkward at best! Thankfully this was resolved relatively quickly.

Now we are just starting to put all the pieces of the picture together to showcase some of our unique features in a gameplay video.

Sorry it is a short entry this time around.Spending so much time on the game, time for the blog runs away from us sometimes! All the best from everyone here at SWS!

Storm Wolf Studios Team.