Make Over Nearly Complete

Hello Readers,

So this post is to update you with our work so far.

The programming foundations are updated fully, we have included new abilities into the game such as Snap-Shot and Heal, we are 99% finished with the AI even now they are smarter and stronger than ever and prove challenging to beat.

We have also made great strides in the graphics refurbishment, we have re-created the atmosphere for the game, included sound FX, and particle systems to really bring out the most detail possible.

we have all the ships, Main Characters, AI units, signs, roads, paving, and much more already complete.

The buildings which bring out the detail in the city are now also complete (we are just in the process of texturing them).

so what is left for us to re-work before we present the update to you.

We have but small things remaining, such as furniture to go inside accessible buildings, scenery, such as our holographic trees and foliage and lastly, we have some additional cover points to update to bring even more detail and atmosphere to the game, on top of this, we are working on some statues, and level blocking, to bring you more levels, more content, and additional features.

We are working on our objectives to bring you a much more variety.

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