Challenges – Time Is Short

Hello Again,

We have not yet posted a recent blog entry, as our team has been fully involved in updating the current projects graphics, and programming foundations.

We have hit some challenges along the way, but fortunately have worked through these challenges.

Its being difficult re-working everything, but we take feedback here seriously, and our fans, and followers wanted the project to be enhanced graphically, which is what we have being diving into.

The time scale for the update is tight, this is one of our challenges that we face, working voluntary is not easy, even more so, when times are hard for everyone.

This has not stopped us, we keep striving, and so far the game is looking spectacular (even without all the graphics full complete yet). We can’t wait to present you with the refurbishment once it is complete.

We are working solidly to produce a new video for you to see the upgrade 🙂 with additional gameplay, we also are working on an intro video for the story and to share with you the start of the journey the player will take.

Stay tuned, and follow us for further updates, Pictures of the new graphics will soon follow :).

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Best Regards,