How Long Did It Take To Build Rome?!?

It worked!! So it turns out that locking a man in a cupboard and telling him he can leave as soon as he gets all the animations complete (or receives a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!) is a great way to increase productivity!

Ok, so no one was really locked in a cupboard – (Add disclaimer stating people are working of their own free will) but we have managed to get all of the crucial animations redone. We have also released a video showing some of the city we have been working on. The airways aren’t in the video even though they have been completed and the enforcement officers aren’t patrolling. We plan to release

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The Construction Of Rome…

And…We’re back! =D

So since we last spoke it has been very hectic here at Storm Wolf Studios! We are currently very busy creating the capital city of Enkeon. Our programmer has been battling through the minefield that such a task entails. We had some lighting issues with the city that have only recently been resolved. It is quite a unique city due to the fact that there are some buildings in the Patrician distric that are just so huge compared to everything else in the city, which of course can create complications with lighting and shadows etc.

Speaking of the city, we also had another issue that was spotted during a demonstration of the city…

There are airways which

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Storm Wolf Finds An Ally!

Hello again all, As promised, we are blogging again to keep you up to date. We wanted to share with you some great news! We have recently been in contact with a company called ‘Epidemic Sound’ and have managed to get access to their huge database of music and sounds. Thanks to them we are going to be able to have amazing music for our trailers, emotional and gripping music for our storyline and a whole array of ambience and SFX sounds for our gameplay! Seriously, if you don’t know about this company you should check them out. The founders of the company have a huge array of experience and have even worked on big productions such as ‘The

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Website Applies New Make Up

Hello again, First of all I would like to say that from now on we are going to make sure we have a new blog entry out at least once a week! There are a number of reasons for this, first of all we are starting to get more interest on our site and facebook page and secondly we have decided we need to let more people know we are here and then when people know, we need to keep you all up to date! So, we have finished updating our main site now that you can see at: On this we have lots of the concept and a sneak peek just as promised.

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Robots Take Over!

Hello all! Wanted to update you all on a huge hurdle we have finally overcome, the AI for the game is now fully working, ok we’ll admit, there are a couple of bugs but they should be ironed out pretty shortly. However the computer player now has a fully functional decision process and can decide the most appropriate action, and then perform it! In test runs, they may have also been known to beat the programmer occasionally. We know, did we learn nothing from the Terminator films? The animations are coming along and many of the animations are compelte – cut scenes are going to be very specialist and no doubt present their own challenges though… The vehicle models

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Storm Wolf Work

Ok, we know, we are not doing well at this whole keeping a blog thing, and for that we apologise, but hopefully you understand that we are working hard on creating the game. The script has been completed up until a large turning point in the story, characters have been created with back stories and the main story of the game has been plotted out. Dialogue in cut scenes has been finished as well as in game dialogue. Everyone in the SWS team has been enjoying hearing the dialogue and the story that has been laid out so far. One member of staff commented that they had goosebumps with some of the heartfelt and exciting scenes that have been

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Kingdom Under Attack!

Hello again! Apologies for the delay on getting out our next blog entry, I would like to say something interesting like it was because the kingdom was under attack by dragons and so we needed all able people to grab their sword! Hence the delay…however the truth is that we have all just been so busy at SWS LTD that the blog has been the last thing on our minds. On the plus side there have been many new, fully textured models of buildings coming through and the programming for the AI has been started and is coming along well. As you might expect there are many bugs cropping up in the AI, and unfortunately we can’t seem to

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Storm Wolf First Blog

Welcome all, to the first blog entry for Storm Wolf Studios LTD. This blog is designed to keep those interested in all the happenings at SWS LTD as we put blood, sweat and tears into making the game we are currently calling ‘Tactical Crusade’…Well ok, maybe it’s not blood,sweat and tears, but there are certainly energy drinks, hand cramps and annoyed girlfriends! We have just got someone in to start writing the script and designing the whole universe. We don’t want to just create a single game that people can enjoy, we really want to create a universe that people can enjoy, explore and discover. With this in mind, our script writer is going to be creating interesting characters

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