Bright New Day

So, here goes to another blog post :).

Our graphics overhaul is now complete, and we have so much content now lined up for release, and our playable copy of the game draws near, another few solid weeks of no sleep, and work, work, work and our game will be playable by reviewers, and our PR team.

It seems the long hours and hard work is now paying off, the game is looking completely amazing and new, everything is going as planned so far and we hope to keep up the good days 🙂

Amongst a long list of rework, we have also managed to get other things done, such as interiors, weapons and have recently began concepting other areas

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Kingdom Under Attack!

Hello again! Apologies for the delay on getting out our next blog entry, I would like to say something interesting like it was because the kingdom was under attack by dragons and so we needed all able people to grab their sword! Hence the delay…however the truth is that we have all just been so busy at SWS LTD that the blog has been the last thing on our minds. On the plus side there have been many new, fully textured models of buildings coming through and the programming for the AI has been started and is coming along well. As you might expect there are many bugs cropping up in the AI, and unfortunately we can’t seem to

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Storm Wolf First Blog

Welcome all, to the first blog entry for Storm Wolf Studios LTD. This blog is designed to keep those interested in all the happenings at SWS LTD as we put blood, sweat and tears into making the game we are currently calling ‘Tactical Crusade’…Well ok, maybe it’s not blood,sweat and tears, but there are certainly energy drinks, hand cramps and annoyed girlfriends! We have just got someone in to start writing the script and designing the whole universe. We don’t want to just create a single game that people can enjoy, we really want to create a universe that people can enjoy, explore and discover. With this in mind, our script writer is going to be creating interesting characters

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