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Gameplay Footage – Enkeon Rises

Hello All,

Along with the renders we have shared, we have also updated our video for you to view :).

Feel free to watch the below which highlights some (not all) of our features for the game, it also gives you the chance to view some actual game play for Battle for Enkeon.

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A New Birth For Enkeon’s Visuals


As you know by know we have been working hard to improve all the graphics for the game, as we received feedback from a fan of the game, asking us to improve the graphics :).

We thank our fans for all our feedback, and as you are aware from our recent blog post, the graphics rework has now finished, and we are proudly presenting the new look for Enkeon.

Below you will see a gallery of renders of the great new city we have worked hard to now accomplish. On top of the rework, we have also invested time to developing building interiors, which are included in the below gallery.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know how you

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Bright New Day

So, here goes to another blog post :).

Our graphics overhaul is now complete, and we have so much content now lined up for release, and our playable copy of the game draws near, another few solid weeks of no sleep, and work, work, work and our game will be playable by reviewers, and our PR team.

It seems the long hours and hard work is now paying off, the game is looking completely amazing and new, everything is going as planned so far and we hope to keep up the good days 🙂

Amongst a long list of rework, we have also managed to get other things done, such as interiors, weapons and have recently began concepting other areas

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Refurbishment Completion Is Near

Graphics rework nearly comes to an END! 🙂 We have accomplished so much recently, and our refurbishment is nearly complete. So far we have reworked, building, scenery, assets, main characters & enemy units, along with all these graphic refurbishments we have also added in some more abilities and features, we have added in “Snap shot” for your units to cover a designated area, and also the “Heal” abilities so you can use your support classes to heal your units. Strives have been made also with the RPG mechanics and base layouts, there is so much to share, and we can’t wait to release the new content 🙂 Stay tuned for more, and for our up coming releases and videos.

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Make Over Nearly Complete

Hello Readers,

So this post is to update you with our work so far.

The programming foundations are updated fully, we have included new abilities into the game such as Snap-Shot and Heal, we are 99% finished with the AI even now they are smarter and stronger than ever and prove challenging to beat.

We have also made great strides in the graphics refurbishment, we have re-created the atmosphere for the game, included sound FX, and particle systems to really bring out the most detail possible.

we have all the ships, Main Characters, AI units, signs, roads, paving, and much more already complete.

The buildings which bring out the detail in the city are now also complete (we are just

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Challenges – Time Is Short

Hello Again,

We have not yet posted a recent blog entry, as our team has been fully involved in updating the current projects graphics, and programming foundations.

We have hit some challenges along the way, but fortunately have worked through these challenges.

Its being difficult re-working everything, but we take feedback here seriously, and our fans, and followers wanted the project to be enhanced graphically, which is what we have being diving into.

The time scale for the update is tight, this is one of our challenges that we face, working voluntary is not easy, even more so, when times are hard for everyone.

This has not stopped us, we keep striving, and so far the game is looking spectacular

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Time for a Makeover!

Hello again!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. After our release of the gameplay video we have spent some time getting feedback and trying to understand what the community thinks to our game. There are two things that have become clear:

1. The graphics could do with being better.
2. We need a video to explain the story and/or at least the world that people will find themselves in.

We are very thankful for any and all feedback we receive and we are definitely listening. Therefore to show this, we are updating ALL of the models and textures in the game to increase the quality of the graphics and we are producing a short introduction video to give

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hello all!

Just wanted to wish everyone a (belated) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone here at SWS LTD!

We hope everyone has had a great time over the festive season! 🙂

Unfortunately it has not been a time of rest for many at Storm Wolf Studios as work has carried on over the festive season.

New models, new programming and new animations have all been created. We are going to write up a more detailed post on what has been happening here at SWS in the next few days.

This was just to pop in and wish all of our readers the very best at this time!

Thank you for all your support.

The Storm

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Gameplay Release: like the falling of small stones that starts an avalanche in the mountains…

Here we are!! The first ever gameplay footage for ‘Battle For Enkeon’ has been released!!

After countless hours of work, all of our efforts have amounted to this one thing! Forged in the fires of Mt Doom… A video to showcase the features we are so proud to bring to you in our first ever game! Features to rule them all!! Ok…ok, no more Lord Of The Rings references…

But seriously, these features have never before been seen in a turn based strategy/shooter on the planet!!! We think that is pretty special!

And to top it all off, when you watch the video, please keep in mind these are not all of the exciting new features that we are planning

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The curtains may be closed, but there is a lot going on backstage!

We’re alive!

So after 3 weeks of nothing but the sound of silence, we again emerge from the deep dark depths of our lair in order to update you all!

These last 3 weeks have been so busy, we haven’t managed to get around to updating you. There has been loads more concept work done, we will post some of it with this blog entry for you to see. There has also been all the animations completed and we are nearly ready to release a full gameplay video.

All the cover objects for the level we have decided to showcase have been created, textured and placed in the level.

The most exiting thing

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